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“I would recommend Chainwave 100% and the reason why they should engage with Chainwave is because there is just zero bullshit, and that is a big bonus. You deliver on time and within budget which are big areas. Pretty much everything Chainwave has put forward and suggested, Chainwave was able to support with data instead of opinions. So yea, people should engage with Chainwave.”

Past & Present

ChainWave has delivered products for or contributed to the following

Client Skunkdao


ChainWave has joined SkunkDAO as the First Developer Partner to help develop early-stage projects on the Nahmii L2 solution.


We are building multiple products for our client Nahmii


Chainwave is building the first iteration of a DLTx product that will allow expansive access to DLTx's blockchain infrastructure opportunities


NeonRain is the community-owned, decentralized social NFT marketplace open for anyone and anything. Chainwave built the infrastructure - backend, smart contracts, frontend

Sync Network

We're helping built out the NFT Marketplace for Sync Network including OpenSea-like core with additional cutting-edge features


We built this GameFi project from scratch - smart contracts, backend, user interface : "Monetize your heroes by engaging in PVP Fights! Animated Blockchain-Based Online PvP Battles for DefiKingdom Hero NFTs"


We're helping build this product, a token research tool that goes far beyond charting. Leverage the full power of big data analysis into your hands to DYOR with confidence.


Graviton is a product studio focused on expanding the ecosystem of Universe protocol. We facilitated two MVP builds for them to help get the initial blockchain infrastructure into their internal team's hands


We built the prototype blockchain infrastructure for Hadron. "Create your own social token for your fans in just a few clicks. It’s okay if you have 1 follower or 69 million, at Hadron we want everyone to be a star ✨. Our site allows anyone to set up their own digital economy for their work, easy peasy."

BlackBox Collective Client

Black Box Collective

We are building the initial blockchain infrastructure for Black Box Collective, an exclusive membership service that has leveraged the benefits of Smart Contracts and Web3 to Bring one of the first real-world utilities for an NFT


We built the prototype blockchain infrastructure for Xeenon. Most notably, a fully decentralized livestreaming solution utilizing Livepeer "Xeenon was created to give everyone a stage to be seen, heard, and paid for the creative magic they choose to blast into the metaverse."

PR Blockchain Week

PR Blockchain Week We are partnered with Puerto Rico Blockchain Week, scheduled for Dec 6-21 2021 at various locations throughout Puerto Rico.

dguild Client


We're building the MVP of dGuild , a decentralized platform that enables artists to build communities around their own token.


We are technology partners with multiverse, helping build their dGuild and wormhole products.


We are helping DollarZing integrate KYC and Payout APIs to help finish out their app , and develop the next-generation CryptoZing DeFi product


Chainwave is partnered with Multiverse to build the MVP for Wormhole - a streaming media platform for NFTs and much much more.


One of our blockchain engineers built GiveCrypto, a dApp that allows charities to get donations to their bank from nearly any type of crypto.


In less than 5 months we took this client from zero to paid customers for their MVP. Real-time chat application for healthcare providers that is in use by providers now.


We built the prototype of this full stack application for blockchain-based title insurance


We own & operate this SaaS tool that allows users to monitor and analyze custom Twitter queries. We are applying Web3 to Twilert to allow crypto subscriptions soon

Current Projects we are working on:

We are currently working on building a system for Fantasy Sports & NFTs for a trusted client . With player to player matchups and nft rewards. Look out for more to come on this project as we develop with them further. 

How Wallphy Got Their Blockchain Analysis Tool Built On Time & On Budget (with Enhancements) while Eliminating Hiring Risks

Evan Gobdel and Chad Blish, founders of Wallphy.io, set out to change the way we identify the behaviors of token holders. Their creation of a blockchain infrastructure that stores and records all transactional data is a cutting-edge technology. 

Researching novel micro-cap projects has been difficult for even experts in the crypto space. Wallphy helps simplify the process of identifying scams and “rug- pulls” by providing risk profile analysis. Potential Airdrop alerts, whale wallet analysis, and minting contract tracking makes combing Etherscan a thing of the past with Wallphy. Wallphy.io started by diving deep into the tremendous amount of information out there on the blockchain and relevant websites. 

They found no tools that would simplify the massive amount of data or even show information at the wallet level. This is how the idea of Wallphy.io emerged. This problem needed a solution but neither Chad nor Even did knew where to start. The founders talked with many different potential blockchain development shops over the span of two months. 

They discovered most developers were reluctant to take on a project that involved blockchain technology. During there search they had a friend of a friend who mentioned ChainWave. For Wallphy, meeting ChainWave was vastly different, the team had an excitement about them and of course the background to execute it. 

“It really was clear that you guys were taking this project serious”

Another feature Wallphy.io valued was the integration of working together on the project versus them handing over a list to be completed.

“The finished product or at least the one we’re going to launch with is a lot different, than it may have been, if not for some of those early conversations where you guys made some suggestions and really dug into it with us. It truly felt like we were doing this together”

While new to the Crypto universe, Wallphy chose to trust the expertise of ChainWave. The app was built fully to spec with useful additions in quick four months. Both on time and on budget, Wallphy.io went from zero to fully functional app ready to attract users. 

We are happy to have helped give such strong to Chad and Evan, who are are fast tracking themselves to web3 wizard entrepreneurs status.

Chad Blish, Wallphy Co-Founder
Wallphy Chad Blish
Evan Gobdel, Wallphy Cofounder
Wallphy Evan Gobdel

Ben: Hey its Ben Brown founder of Chainwave. Today I’m here with the co-founders of Wallphy, a blockchain application we just finished the first build on. Really excited to talk with them today and learn more about our relationship and get their app into your guy’s hands and really explore how our relationship works and how the build went for them. So I’m going to kick it off with Chad. Could you guys tell me a little more about the business model you’ve gone for. You know since the inception of it and where you started?

Chad: Yeah sure! I think it makes a lot of sense to start, you know long before the idea germinated. You know we’re fairly new into crypto. I spent the last few years; you know probably four years following it. A lot of friends nudging me and saying, “hey you know, you should look into this. You should get into this, its right up your alley”. Over the last 18 months I really started to dip a toe in and you know really take some positions and look into projects and started exploring. One thing I found, you know, not long after kind of diving into the deep end of the pool is that you know, for all of the information that’s out there. Which there’s just a tremendous amount. There are not a lot of tools that allow people trying to explore the projects that are coming out to really dig into them. You know, there’s a lot of charting tools and things like that, but there’s nothing that really cuts through and shows what’s going on at the wallet level behind, the chart. And so, you know that really is the first idea that took hold which is what ultimately became Wallphy. Its like hey how do we get a tool; you know into the hands of anyone that’s just trying to do some more research and really look at what’s happening at the wallet level. And that was kind of the root of it. So, everything that came from that, is sort of born out of the idea.

Ben: That’s great! Yeah, it’s really a great idea, which is kind of why we took on your project. We were really aligned with the vision of helping investors small and large. To get access to that data right. That unique data set. So what business are you in Evan in normally?

Evan: Well, I’ll take a turn Chad to give you a break. But I suppose the main hat that we wore, whereas with Woodlawn Partners, which is a private equity group that owns a handful of businesses that Chad and I are both focused on. I would say the people side of business but more broadly looking at optimizing systems, being comfortable with complexity but helping to create simple, repeatable processes around that kind of complexity. So, you know the craziness of all of us humans, but how can we build a business and the processes around identifying, optimizing, and kind of repeating best practices around people and small businesses? So oddly, this you know, I think what we’re doing with Wallphy fits in certainly more of a technology focused effort there. But it’s really all about you know, unraveling and kind of demystifying some of these complex patterns so that people can find certainty to act on. So that’s what got us excited. We went a little bit down the rabbit hole and now thankfully we found the Chainwave guys to turn this into reality before we just completely spun ourselves out.

Ben: That’s great! Thank you for that background. So before you came to us and we met. What were you doing before that? Like in your research and searching for groups?

Chad: Ben quite a bit. So there are a number of folks that we had talked to, within the industry, and different developers. We sort of sketched out the initial idea of, hey this is what an app could look like. We started the process of you know, reaching out to people and just like the kind of gig economy folks first and then ultimately wound up talking to more. But I would say more brick-and-mortar development shops and programmers and engineers and things. We just went through a vetting process, I would say. Was it about 2 months, Evan? We had multiple meetings. We got to second base a few times. You know, there’s a lot out there, it’s a pretty dynamic space. So, there’s a lot more work I think, than there are quality shops. So, it was a real challenge for us to find someone that really understood what we were trying to do versus just taking out something to check a box on a page.

Evan: I guess another detail and kind of what else we found. We knew from prior experiences and we talked to what I would consider traditional dev shops and the basics of the app was something they would be very comfortable with, you know databases, easy access. But both groups were kind of seriously talking about were not only a little uncomfortable getting into the blockchain world. But almost, you know kind of reluctant to do it. It was odd that there was almost like this not sure we want to believe this is real. We don’t really know what we’re doing and that’s uncomfortable. We could try it, we could fake it, maybe you could be our guinea pig. But the real tipping point was that like reluctance of an apprehension about jumping in and learning something new versus an excitement about it. And so, when we found you guys, obviously you had the background that you could be credible and confident, but I think the approach was also very different because our application. I mean like everything in the blockchain is novel to some degree, it seems like. But we were really comforted by the fact that you guys took it like yeah, we think we can do that and we’re excited about where we can go with this. That really clicked with us because I think Wallphy is very much a beginning and not a finished product. Yeah, this is to Chad’s kind of toe in the water, now we’re stepping in. But I think one of the biggest sources of excitement for us is that we don’t know where this going to go. We see that’s its something of value. But even in the current market environment we know that there’s more we could do with it. But knowing that the market is going to change before we even get there, it’s kind of the fun part. I think we really latched on with you guys with that same excitement about, oh god, you know, phase two could be this and then who know and wouldn’t it be crazy? Okay. Yeah. Back to work. Let’s get something out there. But that was a cool process and it just clicked really strongly philosophically with how we were looking at this versus a lot of other dev shops that kind of wanted to be told what to do. Wanted to deliver a product and send us the bill. So, we’ve been thrilled and it’s played out that the way this has gone down. I think has been consistent with that.

Ben: Great Yeah! We’re all so excited to work on this project. I mean we don’t take any projects. We take on the ones we feel that are philosophically aligned and also great opportunities, right? So, we can have a long-term successful relationship. So, I’m with you on that one. The whole team is with you on that one too. So where do you guys feel like you’ve received the most value out of this process? I think you mentioned some points there Evan, in your answer. I’m interested in seeing how you expresses the value points of our relationship.

Chad: I’ll jump in on that first. You know, for me the process was fairly in depth. So, the value is really clear, that you guys were taking this project serious. You allowed us to sort of uncover you know, in some of the early stages where you were asking questions like, hey, you know, you said this, but what about that? You know, I think you’re trying to get here, have you thought about doing this? I think the finished product is or least the one we’re going to launch with is a lot different, I think than it may have been if not for some of those early conversations where you guys made some suggestions and really dug into it with us. So, it truly felt like we were doing this together versus you know, hey here’s a punch list.

Ben: Great thanks! Yeah, we are in it together whether you like it or not (haha). So whatever kind of problems we’re trying to solve with the team, finding the right team, finding the right people that are aligned with you, and I think you expressed some of those frustrations too. So, lets get to what results you’ve received from our relationship, and how do you perceive those results coming in the future?

Chad: Well, I mean for starters we have a great app that’s getting ready to launch. I think the results, you know will sort of speak for themselves. I think through the process even when there were bugs or issues and things, you guys were all over it. So, I mean nothing’s perfect out of you know, version 0.0.1. Then we have to iterate and go back and log in and look for things. You guys have been very active, even surprisingly so compared to some other outside of crypto world development projects that I’ve been a part of. I’m used to hearing a lot of well that’s outside of scope. You guys were great with sort of balancing probably including a few things that may have been outside of scope, but also understanding that like hey this is necessary to get a good product out. So, there’s a lot of value there.

Evan: Well, I would like to add to that Chad. We’ve had some shared pain on, in my default, this was a new relationship going on with you guys. We thought we were going to be a little bumped and a little bruised, but it would work. But we’ve had experiences where projects just, you know, there’s an issue and it’s just like, well you know, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. It’s like well you didn’t want that, but this is kind of all we can do, so we’re giving you something different. You’re welcome. We had a lot of that, like oh well, we can’t really do that. So we’re going to do this other thing that you didn’t ask for, but we’re going to convince you it’s good enough. And I think Ben most directly to answer your question, we got delivered the product we wanted with some enhancements because we had multiple heads together and it was on time and on budget as promised. That’s a big deal in my experience, and maybe I just worked with the wrong people, but particularly in something where we dint know how this was going to come together. Now Chad and I worked on, you know, kind of SQL database kind of stuff. Are you guys creating a new user interface or, you know pulling data? We can easily say okay I can see this; I know this, this should work. Then hoping you get there. There’s a little bit of a creative leap on this that we thought it should work, you know, that the blockchain should cooperate. But we had real questions about the amount of data that can be processed. Some of the visualization, how things are going to pull just it isn’t going to really work, because it’s not just pulling stuff out of one static database. There was a huge degree of gratitude that this just happened because unfortunately that was not guaranteed. We started sending you guys’ money, and were doing the expected value. It was like okay; we sent a deposit. I’d say you know, 80% chance this works. Therefore, is this cool? I mean that’s where we were going into this, quite candidly. So just the fact that we made it to the finish line is a big deal. So, thank you.

Ben: No thank you. I appreciate the words. So, like to that point, kind of getting something out of that. What areas of your guy’s business or lives have improved? Stress levels or what has been a result of this project?

Chad: Yeah. I think excitement is definitely of a click or two. We’re getting ready to launch. It’s frankly just a startup into blockchain crypto world, and that’s super exciting. People always use the analogy of the internet in 1994 and that, I think is pretty accurate. This is just so so early and that’s super exciting. So that’s meaningful. There’s a lot of businesses that can be kind of boring frankly. Now, this is definitely not boring.

Ben: Yeah. Welcome to the wild west.

Evan: You know, to add to that point. We talked to a lot of folks on either side of this. People who have no idea what you’re talking about or people that are so deep in something technical that, you know, they’re already in it and we can’t hang with them. What we like about this is we’ve created something that allows kind of a common person to really interact in this world. Not, you know buy Bitcoin, speculate on shit coin, or just read about it. But this is a tool that fairly informed people that want to do some work and really get engaged and kind of look under the hood and start to get into this. So yeah, we’re excited that it’s a legitimately valued project. It’s not speculative nonsense or it’s not some crazy technical infrastructure thing that guys like us wouldn’t belong with. We like that bridge. In fact, we’re trying it in other things in the advance of this kind of build, more in that middle between kind of curious speculator and like the total insider engineer side. So, yeah that’s been another thing. We’re excited to see where it’s going, but we like to think that this a cool area we can continue to build more and meet other people who are doing more to kind of develop out the space, kind of common user accessible stuff.

Ben: Great! That’s good to hear. To reiterate, our position on the space makes things easier to get into the blockchain space, being an outlet for the migration. And being there to help guide the sherpa of that migration. So that’s great. Thank you. This might be a sensitive question, but what is your guy’s perceived ROI? What’s your end goal with this and how to you see this application fulfilling that?

Chad: Yes. Well, there’s a lot to unpack there. I mean, really, it’s how we view this project, is sort of the landing craft on the beach. Right? So, this isn’t really the end goal. This project should lead to more similar projects and sort of fit into the same ecosystem. So, this could be the launching point for an entire educational platform around crypto and blockchain. This is during cartography the study of wallets, you know, what’s next that’s related to that. So, it may even be things that don’t exist yet. You know, two years ago DeFi wasn’t really a thing.  So, that’s kind of how we view this. It’s like okay, now we’re in and now let’s tear some shit up, right? Let’s figure this out. That’s the exciting part. So, ask me that again in six months and I can probably give you a better answer. But this is sort of the you know, the beachhead.

Ben: Great! Well, I could be along for the ride too. So, looking back a little bit, where did you first hear about us? I know you guys did your vetting process, and that was a two-month long thing. Where did you first hear about us? What made you decide us? What made you decide to pull the trigger?

Evan: We were referred to you guys through a friend, business acquaintance. A guy that I’ve known in the Chicago developer world for a long time, and I’ve lost track of him in Covid, and everything else. And then was mentioned again, hey you should get back in touch with this guy. He’s building something blockchain and it turns out it’s turning into a fairly massive, God you know, I would say kind of infrastructure company. So, we reconnected and I explained what we were doing and said, you know we’re doing this little rinky dink, training wheels, consumer facing thing relative to stuff you’re doing that I don’t understand. Who do you know that can help us out? So, that’s how we got to you guys. It was within an endorsement which we like but not always available, but kind of a friend of a friend thing. You know, gave us that comfort. I mentioned the other groups we were talking to. That was a similar path to some other shops. For this sort of thing, that’s how we like to work. We weren’t just Google-ing people.

Ben: Great! Yeah. So, we’ve kind of got a great view of our relationship. I really appreciate the kind words that really means a lot to us. You know, we put a lot of hard work into this and we really value you guys. So, how likely are you guys to recommend us? Why should someone engage with us?

Chad: Well, that’s easy. We’re already talking about V2 for Wallphy for you right now. So, it’s easy to recommend someone that we believe enough and are going to continue working together. Now that’s kind of the highest order of magnitude on recommendations. I think the short answer is why should someone work with Chainwave, that was the last ten questions right? It’s meaningful work. It’s building a relationship, it’s not transactional. You know, those things are really important. A lot of times these projects are near and dear to our hearts. I’m sure that’s true of anyone reaching out to you guys or any developer. It’s nice to have an ally in that.

Ben: Great! Thank you. Last question to round up this interview. What can we improve on for you guys?

Chad: I think you did a really, really great job overall. The weekly calls were great. I think that was extremely helpful. You know, maybe like a more real time access to some of the kind of mapping stuff that you guys look at internally. You know, you have your own visual map of where the project is. It would have been great to have like a user where we could get into that, because a lot of times between out weekly calls. Evan and I are talking and we’re thinking, you know where they are on this? I don’t know, we didn’t talk about that. It’s like okay that’s another email. If we could have had access to that, I think it may have cut down at least on some of the emails. It’s like oh no, here they’re working on it right now. You know that kind of thing.

Ben: Thanks for the feedback. I think that’s definitely something we can provide moving forward. Super helpful. Definitely will work on that. So, in closing. I want to thank both of you guys. Let anyone know watching that Wallphy’s going to be launching here in the next couple of weeks. Will have a token out, an app that you can access with that token. Its going to be really cool to see it grow. I’m excited about it. My team is excited about it, and I think this is just the start of a great product, great community, and the suite of products hopefully for you guys in your portfolio. So, that’s it from us. So, everyone please keep an eye out for Wallphy. We’ll have some links in the description and we’re sending out links along with this everywhere we can, because we fully support this project.

From Zero to Fully Functional NFT Marketplace Launched Live in 3 Months Exactly On Time & On Budget


Jacobo Toll-Messia leads Nahmii.io, Ethereum’s interoperable L2 scaling solution.  His team has been working on L2 solutions for years, and the latest iteration of Nahmii received a large investment to advance Nahmii in this highly competitive market.

He was eager to get an NFT Marketplace built as a featured application on Nahmii, and we didn’t blame him. His protocol was excellent and starting to gain traction. He started working with us and within three months, the marketplace was built with a full suite of 11 smart contracts, backend server architecture, sleek user interface, unit testing, email notifications, and custom designs.

Jacobo continues to lead his teams building dozens of products for the Nahmii ecosystem in 2022 and beyond. Jacobo is a powerhouse blockchain entrepreneuer.


“Crypto, especially during bull markets is a very noisy industry to be in and is difficult to find talent. One of the biggest problems always in crypto is to try to ride the latest and greatest wave because you don’t know how long it is going to last for. … We had a lot of unknown questions because we did not have that knowledge in-house , so that is where we ended up speaking with you Chainwave”


“I would recommend Chainwave 100% and the reason why they should engage with you is because there is just zero bullshit, and that is a big bonus. You deliver on time and within budget which are big areas. Pretty much everything Chainwave has put forward and suggested, Chainwave was able to support with data instead of opinions. So yea, people should engage with Chainwave.”

Jacobo Toll-Messia – CEO Nahmii


Ready to see how Chainwave can build your application?

"Over the past 3 years that I've known the Chainwave team, they've consistently shown an unrivaled expertise in blockchain strategy and development. More recently, they've shown me how Decentralized Finance, NFTs, and next-generation blockchain applications are going to revolutionize both the Estate Administration Industry and nearly every other industry on the planet. I recommend working with Chainwave for their communication, depth of knowledge, and extensive experience in this exponentially growing space."

Delivering Your Blockchain MVP

Our Process to Bring You From Ideation to First Iteration


When we meet with you, we will help you identify the core components of your product. We'll distill your great ideas into achievable scenarios. At the end of this stage, you get a solid estimate that helps you make a rapid decision to move forward.


Perfect Planning

After you choose to initiate with Chainwave, we set aside as much time as needed to fully plan out your blockchain prototype. We'll have a roadmap, milestones, and tasks built out to ensure rapid delivery in agreed-upon timelines. You'll come out of this step with a laser-accurate game plan that you can share with investors or your community.



Agreeing on the plan with you, we then proceed to work through milestone after milestone. Payments are made only when milestones are delivered. At the end, you get your blockchain MVP on time, with all of the features needed to bring your idea to investors or first users.

Experience Chainwave's Process

Step 1. Distillation

We speak with you to help find out the core issues that will be addressed by an MVP for your product. This is where you really find out what is possible for the first iteration of your product. We use this session to come up with a rough estimate of costs. You will then be able to move forward to our Perfect Planning session after a deposit is made based on the estimate.

Below are some real client examples of estimate package you will receive after this conversation.

Step 2. Perfect Planning

After your deposit is made, we sit down with you to fully plan out a roadmap together – as long as it takes to find out exactly what is needed to build in order to fulfill your requirements. At this point, you will be able to add or remove features of the MVP. Your team will reach a commitment with Chainwave on the final cost, timings, and deliverables of the project.

Here are two examples from a recent planning session with our client, Nahmii.io

Step 3. Delivery

We begin to deliver against the Perfect Plan we have developed with you. You’ve got our commitment to building out your product in line with your plan. You get all developed code and assets at each milestone along with agreed-upon milestone payments to Chainwave. After each milestone we can also walk your internal teams through the updates to ensure they are up to speed.

Chainwave’s leadership team will organize a weekly check-in to update you on progress.

Below are some examples of in-progress work boards from an active client.

"I met with the board and to be honest with you, it took us all of about 30 seconds to make our decision. We want to get started with you as soon as possible. It's more about the people we work with than the structure of the deal, and your values are 100% aligned with ours."
New Client (currently in Stealth)
Resource Fractionalization Client

Get insights into our processes and values as we help you build your product.


Working With Chainwave

Wallphy Chad Blish

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Jacobo Toll-Messia

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New Client (Stealth)

“I met with the board and to be honest with you, it took us all of about 30 seconds to make our decision. We want to get started with you as soon as possible. It’s

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Ari Brodje

“Over the past 3 years that I’ve known the Chainwave team, they’ve consistently shown an unrivaled expertise in blockchain strategy and development. More recently, they’ve shown me how Decentralized Finance, NFTs, and next-generation blockchain applications

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"You are EXACTLY the group we were looking for."
New Client (Stealth Mode)
Resource Fractionalization Client