How Wallphy Got Their Blockchain Analysis Tool Built On Time & On Budget (with Enhancements) while Eliminating Hiring Risks

Evan Gobdel and Chad Blish, founders of Wallphy.io, set out to change the way we identify the behaviors of token holders. Their creation of a blockchain infrastructure that stores and records all transactional data is a cutting-edge technology. 

Researching novel micro-cap projects has been difficult for even experts in the crypto space. Wallphy helps simplify the process of identifying scams and “rug- pulls” by providing risk profile analysis. Potential Airdrop alerts, whale wallet analysis, and minting contract tracking makes combing Etherscan a thing of the past. Wallphy.io started by diving deep into the tremendous amount of information out there on the blockchain and relevant websites. 

They found no tools that would simplify the massive amount of data or even show information at the wallet level. This is how the idea of Wallphy.io emerged. This problem needed a solution but neither Chad nor Evan knew where to start. The founders talked with multiple potential blockchain development shops over the span of two months. 

They discovered most developers were reluctant to take on a project that involved blockchain technology. During their search they had a friend of a friend who mentioned ChainWave. For Chad and Evan, meeting ChainWave was vastly different, as the team had an excitement about them and of course the background to execute it. 

“It really was clear that you guys were taking this project serious”

Another feature Wallphy.io valued was the integration of working together on the project versus them handing over a list to be completed.

“The finished product or at least the one we’re going to launch with is a lot different, than it may have been, if not for some of those early conversations where you guys made some suggestions and really dug into it with us. It truly felt like we were doing this together”

While new to the Crypto universe, Chad and Evan chose to trust the expertise of ChainWave. The app was built fully to spec with useful additions in quick four months. Both on time and on budget, Wallphy.io went from zero to fully functional app ready to attract users. 

We are happy to have helped Chad and Evan, who are fast tracking themselves to web3 wizard entrepreneurs status.

Chad Blish, Wallphy Co-Founder

Wallphy Chad Blish

Evan Gobdel, Wallphy Cofounder

Wallphy Evan Gobdel