Chainwave + NahmiiChainwave Operatives are set to build out new technology for Nahmii.io, an Optimism-based L2. Our team is excited to work with Nahmii to help bring NFT capabilities to their high performance blockchain.We will be building two solutions: NFT Marketplace ContractsWe are building out the suite of smart contracts for Nahmii’s upcoming NFT marketplace.NFT BridgesWe […]

Chainwave has partnered with Puerto Rico Blockchain Week 2021. Puerto Rico Blockchain Week takes place during the week of Dec 6-12. Conferences include : Metaverso , HODL HERE, CoinAgenda, and Limitless. Additionally new events and meetups during the week will be added to the website as they become available. Chainwave is working with PR Blockchain […]

SuSquares is the first NFT project ever created – made by the inventor of ERC-721 which are commonly known as Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs). It has gone under the radar but is now being picked up by the NFT community. In this video we show you a tactic to track NFT project growth on twitter using a […]

Do you need an NFT Proof of Concept built rapidly while de-risking hiring? Take this short questionnaire because it will help you see how quickly your idea could be ready to showcase to your target audience: Take the Quesionnaire Now. Mint Your NFTs and Sell on OpenSea The Chainwave Engineering Operatives have completed a live […]

Chainwave at REIARICO Event Chainwave’s Business Development Manager Greg Boutchard and I had the pleasure of attending the Real Estate Investors Association of Puerto Rico last night. We met dozens of inspiring investors and entrepreneurs over the course of the evening . Our angle is to help understand where our software and blockchain solutions can […]

Kovan Testnet Contract Address: N/A Kovan Deploy TX: N/A TestNet Wallet Site: N/A Ethereum Main Net Contract Address: N/A Ethereum Main Net / Live Website: N/A Github repo: https://github.com/ChainWaveLabs/waveDEX waveDEX is a simple example of Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that allows Etheruem individuals to trade ERC-20 tokens via a smart contract. waveDEX Architecture waveDEX includes a […]

https://youtu.be/tSlVCAmCmSI Your entity or company has a wallet and as a part of governance you require that multiple people need to approve and sign off on transactions before funds can be transferred.   Solution: Chainwave Multi Sig Ethereum WalletThis wallet allows n number of participants (“approvers”) to share control over a wallet’s transactions.We use a super simple quorum […]