The article “Real Time Data Visualization with D3, Crossfilter, and Websockets in Python” by Chainwave Founder, Benjamin M. Brown boast the following stats:
  • 8,000 Youtube video views
  • 11,000+ Medium article views
  • Dozens of backlinks
  • Continuous github activity
  • First to expose this combination of technology to build a seamless data visualization
  • Received publishing offers to write Data Visualization Book and course for Packt Publishing
This valuable resource demonstrates Chainwave’s commitment to adding value to the data visualization community Links: Tutorial: https://medium.com/@benjaminmbrown/real-time-data-visualization-with-d3-crossfilter-and-websockets-in-python-tutorial-dba5255e7f0e Github: https://github.com/benjaminmbrown/real-time-data-viz-d3-crossfilter-websocket-tutorial    

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