Chainwave Founder Benjamin M. Brown won the Hacking Democracy hackathon in Puerto Rico with hackathon partner Nicki Villa. In situations where government services are lacking or non-existent, whether it is ongoing neglect or an emergency situation, there needs to be another option to solve pressing issues.
The solution was a functional prototype of a service bounty system on the Ethereum network, driven by Smart Contracts. It allows a citizen to post a bounty for small services like fixing small damages at a school, potholes, trash. The most powerful aspect is that once a bounty is initiated by a local individual, anyone around the world could further fund the bounty and help get the problem solved.smart contract bounty system So for example: if you’re in Chicago, you could contribute to a hyper local bounty that goes directly to fix a broken well in a school in Haiti, fund some textbooks for schools in PR- all without any intermediary, middleman cut, or delay in funding. Your transaction goes directly to the bounty, and is held in escrow until the work is done & verified.
Early prototype of course, but that’s the idea. Met some great people from Swarm.Fund Chris Eberle , Joe McKinney of Nuhance / Startup Societies Foundation and more. Thx Fabián Vélez Vicente and Link Puerto Rico organizing hackathon #ethereum #blockchain #smartcontracts #solidity See Less
The code is available here: https://github.com/benjaminmbrown/hacking-democracy-bounty  

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