Building Communication Tools for Patients and Care Teams

Chainwave was tasked with building a custom real-time chat system to replace ProviderTech’s previous pre-build chat system. The previous system did not have the functionality or flexibility demanded by ProviderTech’s healthcare clientele. The Chainwave team participated in planning, estimating, and building all of the features for this product along with the ProviderTech CareMessenger team. Chainwave built the app from zero to production, with paid customers, in less than 6 months on a tight budget.

Benefits for Care Providers

  • No cell phones needed for care providers
  • Easy to understand for patients
  • Simple web interface to manage dozens of conversations
  • Stored history of conversations to search
  • HIPAA security

The CareMessenger App Features

  • Intuitive UI to create, view, and manage patient conversations
  • Chat UI to send text, images, or templated messages
  • Tag System – Create, modify, and apply custom tags to individual patients
  • Search and filter patients by Tag
  • See Patient Data along with Chat
  • Search Messages
  • Search Patients
  • Set office hours and individual vacation times from UI

“Streamline patient communication using HIPAA compliant texting”


Chainwave Tech Stack for CareMessenger

  • Angular 10
  • Microsoft Azure App Services
  • Azure Storage
  • Express API
  • SendBird API
  • Websockets
  • Webhooks

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