Front End Engineering Services

We helped Press Ganey bring the next generation of their business intelligence tooling to market. This was a long engagement (nearly two years) and we successfully delivered a product that was used by 30,000 active daily professional healthcare users. In a nutshell, this system took patient feedback and presented to hospitals with the end goal of improving patient care. We are proud to have helped make the world a better place to improve patient outcomes.  

Responsibilities in Long Term Leadership of Front End Engineering Team

  • Worked extremely tight to design specs from client UI team
  • Lead development efforts for front end application code
  • Thoughtfully plan and organize technical implementation of new features
  • Architect project components for modularity and reusability
  • Oversee UI team’s Git standards & procedures
  • Quickly manage defect resolution
  • Manage Deployment of UI Code to QA, UAT, and Production environments
  • Develop interactive charting and data grid components
  • Work with complicated data structures like complex trees interactive data grids

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