Front End In 2017, Logic Gate needed help to prioritize their front end needs. This included starting to organize and visualize data from this workflow tool and very extensive code migration of the codebase from AngularJS to Angular 5.
Some highlights of this engagement include
  • D3.js for all visualizations pictured (and much more)
  • Build frontend components, services, and business logic in AngularJS
  • Migrated entire codebase from AngularJS to Angular5
  • Built highly customized version of ui-grid that represented n-depth child node data structure
  • Marshalled very dynamic, disparate, and user-generated data sets and data labeling
  • Worked with GraphQL endpoints (at the time, very novel)
About Logic Gate
LogicGate Inc. creates flexible and cutting-edge workflow, automation, and process software for large enterprises. Our core product, LogicGate, is an enterprise application creation platform that enables organizations to build and deploy custom business applications that link people, process, and data, without relying on developers.

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