Names like Comcast are end users of the product we helped build with CSGI. The engagement was to staff augment and assist on building on the greenfield, next-generation Invision (now Ascendon) suite of customer and revenue management applications, used by major telecoms.   We delivered the following:
  • Provide insight into best practices for web application architecture
  • Mentor CSGI internal team members on tech stack and Git procedure
  • Interview potential internal employees for web app aptitude
  • Participate in Code review / Pull Request reviews
  • Build web components with Redux + Angular 1.5x modules and directives
  • Build reusabe suite-wide components in shared style/component guide
  • Manage application state with Redux Reducers, Selectors, and Actions
  • Ingest data from RESTful APIs with Redux Actions & Reducers
  • Provide unit test coverage with Mocha

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