Chainwave is Building Decentralized Private Equities Marketplaces   We are currently working on a prototype/MVP project for Nexus Markets.   Built with blockchain technology as the transactional ledger system, this marketplace will allow participants to be nodes seamlessly and provide unique investment opportunities only enabled by decentralized systems.   We are dilligently working on the […]

Building Communication Tools for Patients and Care Teams Chainwave was tasked with building a custom real-time chat system to replace ProviderTech’s previous pre-build chat system. The previous system did not have the functionality or flexibility demanded by ProviderTech’s healthcare clientele. The Chainwave team participated in planning, estimating, and building all of the features for this […]

We built this full stack blockchain project to explore simple governance in a smart contract.

3 parts of this governance wallet include the Quorum, the Approvers, and the Transfers.

All of which can be changed by a vote that reaches quorum. Even quorum can be changed if the parties agree

Front End Engineering Services We helped Press Ganey bring the next generation of their business intelligence tooling to market. This was a long engagement (nearly two years) and we successfully delivered a product that was used by 30,000 active daily professional healthcare users. In a nutshell, this system took patient feedback and presented to hospitals […]

We worked with the Sizung team integrate the Sizung communication API into a Blockchain Real Estate project.   Sizung is a revolutionary communication protocol that enabled unique ways of organizing conversational data around “Conversational Lenses”.        

  We built the front end user interface and permission blockchain integration for this MVP of a blockchain-based title insurance management tool. This process-heavy app forced us to think through various scenarios how numerous parties needed to comment, upload files, and reach agreements in a digital space before committing terms to the blockchain for permanence. […]

The solution was a functional prototype of a service bounty system on the Ethereum network, driven by Smart Contracts. It allows a citizen to post a bounty for small services like fixing small damages at a school, potholes, trash. The most powerful aspect is that once a bounty is initiated by a local individual, anyone around the world could further fund the bounty and help get the problem solved.

Front End In 2017, Logic Gate needed help to prioritize their front end needs. This included starting to organize and visualize data from this workflow tool and very extensive code migration of the codebase from AngularJS to Angular 5. Some highlights of this engagement include D3.js for all visualizations pictured (and much more) Build frontend […]