We bring web , blockchain, and simulation projects to life

Chainwave is an entity dedicated to exploring the cutting edge of the digital landscape

  • Full Stack App Engineering
  • Blockchain Development
  • DevOps
  • Data Visualization
  • dApps & Smart Contracts
  • Technology Leadership
  • DeFi
  • DOTS
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Chainwave Approach



We offer software engineering services with specialties in blockchain, healthcare web applications, and now Unity DOTS and Simulation development



We acquire existing digital businesses and grow them. Our most recent acquisitions are WebDAV.io and Twilert.com



Of course, we have our own ideas too, whether it's a data viz blockchain concept, web app, or even video game. This is where we work on our own proprietary projects

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Working With Chainwave

Michael Bechert

Ben is a very sharp in the blockchain space. We grew up together and have recently reconnected. Ben has always been a leader and his education and background is second to none. Ben is extremely patient in providing guidance and a deeper level of understanding to those of us new to the space.

Vijay K.

Ben and I worked together for 15 months; he was part of the sixteen-person delivery team that built a data visualization product for a large healthcare client in Chicago. He was the lead front-end engineer responsible for charting and visualization modules on the web application we built.

Vijay K.

Ben is a talented coder with a high ceiling who would be a true asset to any engineering team.


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