We bring web , blockchain, and simulation projects to life

Chainwave is an entity dedicated to exploring the cutting edge of the digital landscape

  • Full Stack App Engineering
  • Blockchain Development
  • DevOps
  • Data Visualization
  • dApps & Smart Contracts
  • Technology Leadership
  • DeFi
  • DOTS
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Chainwave Approach



We offer software engineering services with specialties in blockchain, healthcare web applications, and now Unity DOTS and Simulation development



We acquire existing digital businesses and grow them. Our most recent acquisitions are WebDAV.io and Twilert.com



Of course, we have our own ideas too, whether it's a data viz blockchain concept, web app, or even video game. This is where we work on our own proprietary projects

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Working With Chainwave

Aziz Ali

Ben has a keen ability to detach from the cloud of emotion in stressful situations, and suggest a clear path to action towards the next milestone. Unlike most Developers, Ben has a diverse set of technical chops. From Front-End Development to Back-End; From Data Science to Cloud Computing – Ben can do it all and do it well

Grace Tolan

I had the pleasure of working with Ben on a healthcare reporting and analytics application. Ben is a very curious developer and learner – he’s eager to jump into new things and has an outstanding ability to pick new technologies up quickly and apply them to solutions. I hope to have the chance to work with Ben in the future!

Aziz Ali, ilovecoding.org

The speed at which Ben [Founder, Chainwave.io] picks up new technologies and complex concepts is super impressive. Ben played an instrumental role in building a HealthCare Analytics Platform that now improves operational efficiencies in thousands of hospitals and clinics around the US. Ben is a hacker – he can prototype fast, iterate quickly and face situations objectively.  


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