Chainwave were the NFT Marketplace Developers for Fook.io pictured here
NFT marketplace is booming tremendously and is expected to grow way higher, and with the help of NFT marketplace developers, one can easily take advantage of their revenue stream by unlocking the huge potential of the NFT in all the major industries. At Chainwave we offer the best NFT Marketplace Development services to help you build, promote and sell your digital assets, enabling you to tokenize your collectibles.
Just like pieces in our hypothetical art collection, consumer interest drives the value of an NFT. Similar to trading cards, the rarity and base of interested consumers influence their worth. While an image can be converted into an NFT, that doesn’t prevent the image from being freely shared. However, it does definitively show who owns the asset through the blockchain. –SideHustleHQ

 NFT Marketplace Overview

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Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that are built on the power of blockchain technology.  And just like every other medium for the transactions of assets. NFT marketplaces are created to give users the feasibility to purchase, hold and sell non-fungible tokens directly from the root source (like the main companies) or secondary marketplace to achieve peer-to-peer trading. The role of NFT marketplace developers is to build, develop, test, and support the whole platform so that everything runs smoothly.

Characteristics of an NFT Marketplace

These are basic pre-requisites for any NFT Marketplace developers to know while working on the Marketplace.
Trading NFTs on the Fook NFT Marketplace


Being interoperable allows NFT trading to be explicit in multiple virtual marketplaces. Traders do not require to be highly educated in the sophistication of the trading environment, the marketplace should allow the bidding, holding, and selling of NFTs with performance analysis at ease at the palm of their hands.


The developers of the NFT can control the supply of their NFT. This is done through Smart Contracts, creators can place huge capital on the supply of NFT and also enforce persistent properties that are irreversible after the insurance of NFTs. As the developers are allowed to limit the number of creations, this creates more scarcity, enhancing the uniqueness of the NFTs to create more demand.


The main focus behind creating a marketplace is to generate more cash flow for the non-fungible tokens. NFTs can be kept as collateral for liquid cash, or assets that can easily be liquidated. The work of the NFT marketplace developers is to create a huge pool in the market, so it can offer immediate liquidity against a larger audience. This allows NFTs to have the ability to expand the market as digital assets.


The development of Non-fungible tokens on public Blockchain networks offers the same development standards, making it easier for developers to reuse the same standards for all other NFTs. As a result, there is the standardization of assets represented as NFTs that can be exhibited in the marketplace.  

Our NFT Marketplace Developers at ChainWave

NFT workingOur NFT development company is enriched with world-class technical resources to develop your NFT marketplace. We provide top-tier design and development services to your marketplace. For our client Nahmii, we built a fully functional NFT Marketplace with OpenSea-like features in 3 months. This platform build consisted of a Smart Contract Suite of 11 contracts, a backend to manage user data, and a fully web3-integrated User Interface. You can see it live at https://stage.fook.io. Fook NFT Marketplace will be launched in January of 2022. Our NFT Marketplace Developers design and develop your NFT marketplace meticulously with the latest ongoing token standards, leading to high-end development of the platform with exceptional NFT smart contract auditing solutions. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best features possible. We constantly monitor your NFT marketplace and provide maintenance support regarding the software updates. To read more about our latest services and offers be sure to keep checking in at ChainWave, we are here for you.
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Chainwave developed Nahmii’s Fook NFT Marketplace.