NFT Game Developers

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are quickly becoming the craze as they emerge in the game-fi (game and finance) world. As most of you know, NFT’s are a digital file held on the blockchain, usually as an image a person owns the original copy of. NFT’s have evolved from simple Jpegs and social media profile images, and are emerging into the world of gaming.

What are NFT Games?

With NFT gaming users can now gain so much more from their unique digital tokens. NFTs being gamified allows for more usability such as: player interactions, buying and selling of in game NFT’s, completed objectives in exchange for rewards, and play-to earn-model (which allows for gamers to generate an income from NFT games).

Being able to use NFT’s in games will add value as game developers are creating scarce assets players can gain in game. The games allow players to own these in-game items they earn.

In most games you develop items as levels increase and items get rarer the longer you play. You can then purchase these items from other gamers, however it is not encouraged and the process is complex. In NFT games this behavior is actually encouraged. Players can choose if they want to collect/hoard items in game or sell them for cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and GALA for example. This changes the game play and that’s why NFT games are so unique.

This new trend allows NFT’s to be more than just a cryptographically unique image. It also allows gamers to earn money while playing.

Examples of NFT Games:

NFT Game Developer DFK Arena
NFT Game Developers Axie
NFT Game Developer Sorare

DFK Arena: This game allows players to have heroes face off in duels. Each hero has level-based stats that will advance during game play. (We are Working on)

Axie Infinity: Allows players to collect and breed axis (sort of like Pokémon). You can then battle your axis against other players. 

Sorare: This is a fantasy football collectible card game where you can buy, own, and sell digital player cards. 

How NFT game developers build these systems

Creating an NFT game requires a lot of resources: time, effort, knowledge, and can be expensive based on design demands. There are multiple steps that need to be prioritized when creating a NFT gaming platform. Factors to think about but are not limited to this list include:

Design: One of the early steps to building is the design. You need to consider what type of game you are wanting to create, the playing mechanisms, the art style, etc. It is essential to have a clear idea of what you are envisioning for your creation. This way you can pitch your ideas and concepts of how the game works for the development process. This will make communicating with NFT game developers easier as they need to understand your idea in order to create it the way you want.

Development: Next you will need to start the development of the game. This takes a team of skilled engineers who need to work together in creating your unique idea on the blockchain. These developers are going to be highly skilled in front-end, back-end, and user interface (UI). Not only will they be skilled in these areas, they will need to be familiar with developing on the blockchain which is a newer expertise that not all developers feel comfortable with yet.

Testing and Launching: Now that you have spent the time and resources to have your game/app developed you’ll need to test. This is a very important stage as you want to make sure you have a smooth release free of bugs.

Finding the Right NFT Game Developers

As you can see creating a game/app takes a lot of work and coordination. You need to find the right NFT game developers that you trust to develop your unique idea. This can be a lengthy process. You want a NFT game developer who has prior experience, who has proper management in place (as developers are remote), and frequently communicates with you along the way.

Luckily for you we already have all of this set up and will work with you on creating an organized plan for the completion of your project. We are here to help those who have a creative idea and want to start developing a project on the blockchain via app or web. We Pride ourselves in completing projects both on time and on budget.

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