Chainwave at REIARICO Event

Chainwave’s Business Development Manager Greg Boutchard and I had the pleasure of attending the Real Estate Investors Association of Puerto Rico last night.

We met dozens of inspiring investors and entrepreneurs over the course of the evening .

Our angle is to help understand where our software and blockchain solutions can help with some of the pain points they’re facing here in Puerto Rico and beyond.


A few takeaways:

  • There are a lot of deals going on and investors are very excited about opportunities they’re seeing in PR
  •  Savvy Investors are seeing great returns
    -The meetup seemed to bring investors bringing money from the mainland to invest here in PR
  • Puerto Rico doesn’t have an MLS
  • A lot of partnerships on projects
  • There are two disparate MLS-like systems
  • Information sharing is very low
  • It’s probably hard if not impossible to convince the current gov’t to move on anything organizing around real estate near-term

How Would Blockchain Help?

Part of our journey at Chainwave was building a blockchain-based land title insurance application called Allodeum for a client out of New York.

The Allodeum app we built allowed participants in real estate transactions to discuss & agree on terms at certain milestones and then upload the appropriate documents related to the transaction.

When quorum is reached in the app, data & documents are posted to a permissioned Hyperledger blockchain for permanent record-keeping.

That’s just one tiny part of the huge array of real estate problems that can be solved with software

We’ve got multiple meetings & discovery sessions with many of these investors.

We’re looking forward to understanding how we can build solutions to help leverage software to further streamline the real estate transaction process.