Ideas are cheap. We’ve probably heard yours or something very similar before. Execution is what matters. People pay us to operate exclusively at the execution stage of projects for our – we do not build products for ourselves – our business model disincentivizes us from the concept of stealing ideas.
In general, no. We plan out our projects very carefully and have a strict process to ensure projects always get delivered on agreed upon timelines. Interruptions of any kind will throw off our engineers and delay your project (and potentially our other clients). Our project management team will help you get changes, fixes, and other requests added to our work queue for maximum efficiency.

In general, no. We work on what we agree to deliver for you because we plan extensively around our own process. By introducing 3rd parties, whether it be your internal team or another firm, you risk delays, bottlenecks, or excessive costs for your project with us. 

We adhere to a rock solid internal development process to get your product built to spec – we want you to get exactly what you want. We do provide extensive developer documentation and knowledge transfer sessions at the conclusion of every project, which will give your own team everything they need to manage and modify your product.

We provide a shared slack channel where you can communicate with your points of contact on a daily basis. We will respond within 24 hrs. We conduct weekly catchup meetings with you to address progress and feedback on your product.
We’re managing many builds and constantly refining our internal processes which requires incredible focus. So, generally you will be in contact with the project manager for your product because the goal is to get your project built the best way possible. If you would like direct access to Ben or the leadership team, we can provide additional advisory services for an hourly rate or retainer.
We’re here to execute your idea, not tell you if it’s good or not. Most of the time the “Go / No Go” decisions are made before projects are initiated with us. We can refer you to specialists that can help you with strategy if needed.
At the onset of your project, we take great care to internally estimate the time & effort it will take to achieve success for you. We understand intimately what needs to be built and when. After our planning, adhering to our internal engineering processes and procedures allows us to confidently plow through the project. When you respect our process and work with us in the appropriate way, we’ve found that projects nearly always succeed on time.
We work with groups that have funding approved and available.If you need funding in order to build, we may be able to refer you to funding sources in our network.
We can forward you relevant funding contacts if needed.
We do not accept tokens for pre-launch projects. We do not accept equity or tokens as a part of first builds because our business model does not support that type of engagement. However, as our relationship grows, we may be open to token compensation as a bonus mechanism.
We want to work with groups that are aligned with our philosophy of building the future of blockchain applications. We do not do raw forked projects. Sometimes our projects involve forking open source projects and customizing to our clients’ needs.
Currently, there are 18 members of our team, spanning from Puerto Rico, Chicago, Europe, Asia, and beyond.
Some of our engineers are here in Puerto Rico. Some are in the states and some are abroad. We scour the world for the highest quality talent and personnel.
1250 Ave Ponce de Leon Ste 301 PMB 0205​ San Juan, PR 00907

Our home page reflects our current client list and some projects we’ve been working on. If you would like to see what success feels like when working with us, please check out what other blockchain builders have to say about working with us in these




Uh, no. We want to work with clients with a long term vision who plan on building their projects regardless of near-term market conditions. We’re in business this to build a stable future for blockchain and expect the same of our clients.

You have 5 business days to sign the estimate and make a deposit to ensure your place in our queue. If another group initiates with us, you will lose your spot and we will need to put you further down the queue because we plan our resources out months in advance.
It depends on your project and it’s security and transactional needs. We can chat with you and provide cursory insights, but the final decision needs to be made by you and your team.
We can build your token, but we do not handle launches, strategy, or marketing around token launches because our core business is building at the application layer.

We get it, things change. Don’t worry – we have a process to handle changes. However, it is billed at a different rate if your changes are beyond the scope of our original agreement.

We are chain agnostic. We pride ourselves in solving your problems and achieving success for you, regardless of your chain of choice. One caveat is that our expertise is in Solidity and EVM-compatible chains. Chains outside of that will incur additional costs because our team will need to research how to build on it. Also, other chains may not have the tooling and resources which may cause a longer timeline and higher costs.
No, we require a full deposit paid upon initiation because we spend a great amount of time and resources to plan your project after a deposit is made.
Our core competency is to build functional and secure blockchain applications. We currently do not provide design services. However, we use modern design frameworks as a standard. This allows you and your team to apply unique designs to your application at a later time.
  • Total project overview
  • Your vision of what a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or first iteration is for your project.
  • Any documentation, diagrams, or presentations that would be helpful for Chainwave to understand your product
  • Scope documents if you have them
  • Growth mindset

Our business is building. We will sign NDAs if they are not restrictive to our core business. Non-competes can be agreed upon in the same manner. Remember, smart contracts are publicly available code on the blockchain – you are by default opening public competition and forkability by whether you have a non-compete /NDA or not.

We need to meet with you first to understand the complexity, timeframes, and resources related to your project. We take care to understand deeply what you want to build before providing any estimates.
After you sign & make your deposit, we will organize a deep planning session. These can take a few hours or even a few days depending on the complexity of your project. We take great care to “measure twice, cut once” because we have found that thoughtful planning together leads to less stress and more success for you.
Any changes will go through our change request process. You can always request changes, but if they are outside our original agreement, our team will need to assess the time, cost, and complexity of any new requests. Requests like this come at additional cost.
After you initiate with us, we’ll provide our cursory insights and help guide features. We like to provide options for you, and you will make the final decisions.

When we successfully deliver your project on time and on budget, we will do a “Success Interview” with you or your team. That will be made available to our network and promoted on our site and in our social media.

We currently do not provide tokenomics or strategy consulting. When you engage with us, we are happy to refer you to specialists in our network that can help your strategy, which should inform the product you will build.
Nothing is as hard or as easy as it seems. Sometimes what seems easy can take longer than expected, particularly when dealing in the blockchain space. We take care to deeply assess a project’s needs because “easy” is a word we use.
Once you engage and make your initial deposit, your position is secured. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is important to secure the position rapidly as Chainwave is experiencing ongoing demand.
In order to expedite timelines, it will require us to modify the time & availability of our team & resources. This incurs additional cost but it is an option we can provide at the onset of your project.
We’re in a novel space. Some call it the wild west – analogous to the internet in 1996. There are limited existing resources, and many times building “X” is a first time thing. To ensure we meet the security requirements of handling money on the internet, we take time and care on every project. Modern blockchain development requires intense oversight.
We encourage you to follow our roadmap that we build along with you at the onset of the project. By moving around deadlines and milestones for ad-hoc deadlines, you risk delaying your project’s deliverability.

Your feedback is important to us. You will be able to report issues and bugs to your project manager and they will triage it into the next sprint to be resolved. After any deliverables get to you, you will have 30 days to report bugs or issues that are in scope of the project, which we will resolve at no additional costs. 

We also include a final phase in each project which is dedicated to cleaning up outstanding bugs, issues and testing to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Immediately communicate with us. We will be able to provide options and work with you to address any issues related to your pivot.