Elite Clientele

ChainWave has delivered products for or contributed to the following clients. This list contains both past and present projects.

Client Skunkdao


ChainWave has joined SkunkDAO as the First Developer Partner to help develop early-stage projects on the Nahmii L2 solution.


We are building multiple products for Nahmii ecosystem

BlackBox Collective Client

Black Box Collective

We are building the initial blockchain infrastructure for Black Box Collective, an exclusive membership service that has leveraged the benefits of Smart Contracts and Web3 to Bring one of the first real-world utilities for an NFT


Chainwave is partnered with Multiverse to build the MVP for Wormhole - a streaming media platform for NFTs and much much more.

Sync Network

We're helping built out the NFT Marketplace for Sync Network including OpenSea-like core with additional cutting-edge features


We're helping build this product, a token research tool that goes far beyond charting. Leverage the full power of big data analysis into your hands to DYOR with confidence.

dguild Client


We're building the MVP of dGuild , a decentralized platform that enables artists to build communities around their own token.


We are technology partners with multiverse, helping build their dGuild and wormhole products.


We are helping DollarZing integrate KYC and Payout APIs to help finish out their app , and develop the next-generation CryptoZing DeFi product

PR Blockchain Week

PR Blockchain Week We are partnered with Puerto Rico Blockchain Week, scheduled for Dec 6-21 2021 at various locations throughout Puerto Rico.


One of our blockchain engineers built GiveCrypto, a dApp that allows charities to get donations to their bank from nearly any type of crypto.

Nexus Markets

We are building Nexus Markets' decentralized private equities market


In less than 5 months we took this client from zero to paid customers for their MVP. Real-time chat application for healthcare providers that is in use by providers now.


We built the prototype of this full stack application for blockchain-based title insurance


Chainwave created the first tutorial for Bao Farming, which was visited over 12,000 times. We continue to remain active in governance and support the Bao.Finance team.


Early on, we helped YFI organize outstanding tasks into github issues for the yearn.finance team.


We own & operate this SaaS tool that allows users to monitor and analyze custom Twitter queries. We are applying Web3 to Twilert to allow crypto subscriptions soon