The Chainwave team is excited to announce to be working with Multiverse to help build out the first iteration of the dGuild artist platform!

dGuild is a platform that enables artists to build communities around their own token. Users can buy an artist’s token which can be used for exclusive access to that artists content. 

We at Chainwave are certain that many novel use cases will develop around these artist ecosystems and are very excited to help the Multiverse team bring this platform to artists across the world.


 About dGuild 


dGuild is a meeting place where fans and artists can to meet and discover new ways a decentralized community can support and interact with their favorite WEB3 media protocols together. 

Opening up new creative ways art is made by and for the masses while supporting artists & igniting a new renaissance.

About Multiverse


Multiverse provides different WEB3 protocols that elements of the products use with infrastructure hardware to keep the protocols running.

 Currently we are running a Dfinity Gen2 node along with a Live.Peer Orchestrator. 

We are always looking for new protocols to integrate into our system that we feel can provide new tools for artists. We are looking at adding a Render Network node.