DAO Developers create DAOs. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a type of organization that is run through a set of rules encoded as smart contracts on a blockchain. DAOs are designed to be decentralized and autonomous, meaning that they are intended to operate without the need for central control or the need for humans […]

Chainwave at REIARICO Event Chainwave’s Business Development Manager Greg Boutchard and I had the pleasure of attending the Real Estate Investors Association of Puerto Rico last night. We met dozens of inspiring investors and entrepreneurs over the course of the evening . Our angle is to help understand where our software and blockchain solutions can […]

NFT Game Developers NFT Game Developers Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are quickly becoming the craze as they emerge in the game-fi (game and finance) world. As most of you know, NFT’s are a digital file held on the blockchain, usually as an image a person owns the original copy of. NFT’s have evolved from simple Jpegs and […]

What is a Blockchain Development AgencyA blockchain development agency is a company that specializes in developing blockchain-based solutions for clients. These solutions may include building and deploying decentralized applications (DApps), creating custom blockchain systems, or consulting on the use of blockchain technology for specific business needs. Blockchain development agencies may also offer training and education […]

What is a Multi Signature Ethereum Wallet?A multisig (short for “multisignature”) blockchain wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that requires more than one private key to authorize a transaction. This means that in order to move funds from the wallet, multiple people (or devices) must sign off on the transaction.Multisig wallets are often used […]