Chainwave at REIARICO Event Chainwave’s Business Development Manager Greg Boutchard and I had the pleasure of attending the Real Estate Investors Association of Puerto Rico last night. We met dozens of inspiring investors and entrepreneurs over the course of the evening . Our angle is to help understand where our software and blockchain solutions can […]

Social Tokens Social tokens are an innovative form of cryptocurrency, which allow creators to have their own tokens. A creator can be a musician, artist, brand, Individual, or even a community. Social tokens allow creators the opportunity to create their own token that offers a service to their fans, and in return the creator gets […]

DeFi which stands for Decentralized finance, is a financial services that is offered  on different blockchains. It includes many of the same services that are normally provided through a bank such as: lending, trading, and borrowing. One of the main differences with DeFi is there is no longer a need to deal with banks, brokerages, or exchanges. […]

Streaming Payment Developers Imagine being paid continuously instead of waiting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for your paychecks. Well with streaming payments this is all possible. Streaming payments make transactions continuous, allowing us to send or receive money every millisecond. Which eliminates the tedious act of sitting down to pay all our bills every month. We already are […]

Decentralized Live Streaming Streaming content is one of the most common features in many of our lives; whether you watch Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. One common thing with all these streaming services is they are centralized. This means that one person or organization is in control of what content is going to stream, if content […]