Blockchain Strategy ConsultantsBlockchain strategy consultants are professionals who help businesses and organizations understand and utilize blockchain technology to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and develop new revenue streams.They analyze the specific needs and goals of a company and devise a strategy for how blockchain technology can be integrated into their operations.This may include identifying potential […]

NEAR Smart Contract Auditors A near blockchain protocol is a set of rules and standards that govern the functioning of a blockchain network built on the NEAR platform. The NEAR platform is a decentralized application platform that aims to make it easy for developers to build and deploy scalable and high-performance blockchain applications. The NEAR […]

Solidity Developer Salary It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate of the salary of a Solidity developer as it can vary significantly based on a number of factors such as the developer’s level of experience, the country they are working in, the specific industry they are working in, and the demand for their skills. […]

A smart contract auditing company is a specialized firm that provides security evaluations and risk assessments of smart contracts deployed on blockchain platforms. They ensure the contracts are free of vulnerabilities and comply with industry standards and best practices for security. The goal is to ensure that smart contracts function as intended and do not […]

The Chainwave team is excited join  Multiverse and help build out Wormhole!Wormhole is a Decentralized Live Streaming platform for NFTs .Wormhole will enable video content creators to connect directly to their fan base and provide unique avenues to create, share, and monetize NFTs and more via streaming.We at Chainwave are very excited to help the Multiverse […]

NFT Bridge Developers work on NFT bridges. An NFT (non-fungible token) bridge is a type of technology that allows for the transfer of NFTs between different blockchain platforms. This is important because NFTs are unique digital assets that are stored on a particular blockchain, and they cannot be exchanged for other assets or tokens in […]

Blockchain Visualization Developers Data visualization in the context of blockchain technology refers to the use of visual representations of data to understand and communicate information about the blockchain. This can include a wide range of visualizations, such as charts, graphs, maps, and diagrams, which are used to represent different aspects of the blockchain, such as […]

Social Tokens Social tokens are an innovative form of cryptocurrency, which allow creators to have their own tokens. A creator can be a musician, artist, brand, Individual, or even a community. Social tokens allow creators the opportunity to create their own token that offers a service to their fans, and in return the creator gets […]

Streaming Payments Developers Imagine being paid continuously instead of waiting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for your paychecks. Well with streaming payments this is all possible. Streaming payments make transactions continuous, allowing us to send or receive money every millisecond. Which eliminates the tedious act of sitting down to pay all our bills every month. We already are […]