Kovan Testnet Contract Address: N/A Kovan Deploy TX: N/A TestNet Wallet Site: N/A Ethereum Main Net Contract Address: N/A Ethereum Main Net / Live Website: N/A Github repo: https://github.com/ChainWaveLabs/waveDEX waveDEX is a simple example of Decentralized Exchange  that allows Etheruem individuals to trade ERC-20 tokens via a smart contract. wave DEX Architecture waveDEX includes a […]

What is a Multi Signature Ethereum Wallet?A multisig (short for “multisignature”) blockchain wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that requires more than one private key to authorize a transaction. This means that in order to move funds from the wallet, multiple people (or devices) must sign off on the transaction.Multisig wallets are often used […]